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SIENA Art and monuments - Palazzo d’Elci degli Alessi

Formerly known as Via Galgaria, Via di Città is generally agreed to be Siena’s most elegant street. Already in the 13th century it was lined with buildings in wood and its gently curving rise is today flanked by some of the city’s grandest patrician palazzi, including Palazzo d’Elci degli Alessi.

Originally built by the Alessi family as their town house, Palazzo d’Elci degli Alessi assumed its current name when it passed into the hands of the Counts Pannocchieschi d’Elci. The original 16th century building was refurbished in the following two centuries until it arrived at its current appearance with a tall, crenellated exterior. The interior features a grand 19th century staircase, probably designed by Fantastici. Two works worthy of note adorn the interior halls, a Madonna With Child Between St Giovannino and St Barbara, and a canvas of the Prophet Elijah, both by Daniele Ricciarelli da Volterra.

The Palazzo opens onto Piazza del Campo from a small balcony on the first floor, almost directly above the so-called Mossa, the start and finishing line of the Palio.

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